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Send Us Your Star Wars Photos

We have heard that people around the world watched Star Wars today for Ethan’s birthday. Japan, London, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Ohio, California and many more places. Thank you!!!

The photos are beginning to roll in. Please send your pictures to, and we’ll post them on the blog. Mike DiBari sent this photo from Athens, Ohio of his wife, Sherry, sons, Dylan and Jack, and friends, Jim and Annah Korpi.

Ethan’s Aunt Michelle and Uncle Vance also sent this photo from Fresno, California. We’re told Vance has watched Star Wars over 100 times (no exaggeration!), he still loves seeing it. Michelle hasn’t seen it in years, and Ethan’s Grandma Nancy only saw the movie when it first came out. Michelle’s friend Julie hasn’t seen Star Wars since she was a child. Pictured are Ethan’s grandma Nancy, Julie, and Michelle with R2D2.


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  1. Hello to all from Dallas!

    Tonight, my brother, our friend and I watched Star Wars in honor of Ethan. We toasted his memory and took a minute to remember him and his grandfather. We felt part of a very special human bond as we knew folks like us would be watching the movie tonight from around the world, uniting all of us in the memory of two great folks who impacted a lot of people. Thank you for sharing this opportunity.

    Margaret Wolf (I used to work with Lisa a long time ago!)

    Comment by Margaret Wolf | August 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. I have just come across your story from Writer Dad and am really sorry to have missed the day.
    I was so very saddened by your story, an absolutely tragic loss.
    My 5-year-old son is obsessed with all things Star Wars and would have loved to have taken part in this day to remember Ethan.
    I will tell him in the morning all about it (it’s just turned midnight here in England) and we will spend another day thinking about your beautiful boy.
    My most sincere condolances to you all.
    Tara X

    Comment by Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk | August 24, 2008 | Reply

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